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So I realize that I post lots of videos of my lifts (specifically when I hit PR’s) but I don’t typically post my entire workouts.  That’s because Mike Robertson writes my programming and I have always wanted to be respectful of his intellectual property since it’s worth a ton (and I have paid him a ton for it!).  

That being said, I will post workouts occasionally, but it will just be the main movements.  I will (for now) be leaving out the foam rolling instructions, the PRI, the warm-up, the acute/corrective exercises, and the EQI stretches in my program… all which play a valuable role in my success on the main movements.  

If you want to get a better idea of how Mike programs the other stuff, check out his Assess and Correct manual.  It’s worth it’s weight in GOLD!  We use these movements with all of our clients and we learned so much from reading it. Think about it… if it gets you 1 client for 1 month it should pay for itself.

Without further ago, here was my workout from Monday.  As a side note, I was supposed to train lower body that day, but I was too sore from doing some, ahem, light sprints (there may or may not have been some hurdles involved too… ;-D)


The track + a couple of hurdles + sunshine = FUN!


A) 1-Board Paused Bench Press

(warm-up sets of course, followed by:)

2 reps at 125

2 reps at 135

2 reps at 145

1.5 reps at 155 (my spotter helped just a hair at the end :-/)


B) Chin-Ups (forgot to get these on film)

Set 1: 6 reps

Set 2: 3+ 3 (I did 3, rested 15 seconds and did 3 more)

Set 3: 3 + 2 + 1 (I did 3, rested 15 seconds, did 2 more, rested 15 seconds, did 1 more)


C1) 1 Arm DB Row

3 sets of 8 with a 65 lbs DB

****super-setted with****

C2) DB Floor Press

Set 1: 5 reps with 60 lb DBs

Set 2: 5 reps with 60 lb DB’s

Set 3: 6 reps with 60 lb DB’s


 D) Pallof Press Isometric Hold

3 sets of 25 seconds (didn’t film the whole thing b/c it’s boring to watch)

So there you have it, my full Upper Body Workout from Monday.  Do you have any questions about it?  Any questions about my form or why the workout is laid out the way it is?  Let me know below!

7 Responses to My Upper Body Training Session (video included)

  1. Kris Freeman says:

    Molly, great video. Also, thanks for the clarification on Piloff presses, I’ve actually been wondering on that one. Great job on the board press, even with the board there it’s a long way to go! I empathize, I’ve also got quite a wingspan 😉

    • molly says:


      Yeah the long wingspan is no bueno for benching… but I never complain about it when deadlifting! =) Thank you… I was pretty pleased although I think when I learn to actually use some leg drive, my bench should go up quite a bit. The *one* time I can ever remember getting true leg drive I almost blacked out because my press felt so powerful… no joke! Glad you liked the Pallof Press explanation… I see so many people messing it up I felt like I needed to clarify. Thanks for the comment. And just so you know…my blog post about you is still one of my most popular! =)

  2. I just fell madly in love (read: deeper in love) with you for shoving a board up your shirt. hahahaha!

    • molly says:


      Hahaha! Glad you liked it! Yeah with one person lifting me off and the other shooting the vid… there was no one left to hold it. I thought it was a good look personally… 😉

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  4. Hayley J says:

    Hi Molly,

    Great video – I’m so jealous of your totals 🙂 What do you find to be the benefits of floor presses in addition to benching? Have a great day!

    • molly says:


      Floor presses tend to target the triceps a bit more than regular bench press. They also take out the benefit of the full SSC (stretch shortening cycle) where your muscles stretch and store up energy to then release by moving the weight in the opposite direction (think like a slingshot). Because the range of motion is shorter, you’re not getting that “rebound” effect like you would from a full range of motion press. Also, floor presses are quite shoulder friendly! 🙂 Hope this helps!

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