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Yesterday was Day 12 of the Love Your Body Challenge, and the reason to love your body was,

“Because your relationship is reciprocal.”

I talked about how whatever we give to our bodies, we will get back in return, which is very cool because we have quite a bit of control (not complete control, but quite a bit) over our own health and well-being.  Remember, when you take responsibility for how your actions affects your outcomes, you are in control of your future.  And that’s awesome.

This is true not only of nutrition and training, but also of our mindset, attitude, and our outlook on life.

You are in control.  Make sure you have positive inputs in order to have positive outputs.

With that being said, Day 13 piggybacks on Day 12 a bit.  Enjoy!


Reason #13 To Love Your Body

13. Because it’s honesty and intuition is incredibly powerful.

Just like yesterday when we discussed that our relationship with our body is reciprocal and how refreshing that is, the same is true with the honesty our body shows us.  Sometimes our body is blatantly honest with us.  We miss a couple of nights of sleep or have too many glasses of wine and it let’s us know instantly.

But what about when it quietly speaks to us?  We (women especially) have a very powerful intuition within us that can give us a lot of information about our bodies and even our lives, if only we will listen. Many of us have gotten out of tune with our bodies and don’t appreciate that honesty and intuition, but the more trust and love we have for our bodies, the more they will continue to speak truth to us.

How many of you have have ever had a super sneaky “gut feeling” about something and it turns out that you were exactly right? I hear powerful stories a lot about Mothers who just “felt” that something was wrong with their child, and they had been in an accident…or women who are totally healthy and fine, but something feels “off” and when they get checked out, it turns out that they were about to experience a medical disaster… or even women who think they cannot conceive have a dream about having a child and it turns out that they are pregnant?

Our minds and bodies are incredible, and we should be in awe of the power that they possess.

Mantra:  “My body is incredibly honest and intuitive, and for that reason, it deserves love and respect.

Repeat this (to yourself or out loud) 10 times right now,  10 times during your action step, and 10 times before bed.

Action step:  Take 4 minutes to write down experiences that you’ve had where you body has shown you honesty or intuitiveness.  Take the last minute to feel extreme gratitude towards your body for the power it possesses.

That’s it for today.  Check back tomorrow for Day 14 (halfway through the challenge!)  



7 Responses to Love Your Body Challenge – Day 13

  1. Kristie says:

    My body really is incredibly honest and intuitive. I especially feel this when I catch it somatizing my emotional distress. I realized there was a correlation between the stomach aches, headaches and body aches which seemed to be for no apparent reason, and the anxiety or stress that I was feeling at the same time. I learned to listen to my body and work with it to cure whatever momentary blues or worry I was feeling. I learned that my body was reaching out to me and saying “Hey, I know you’re super stressed out about what happened at work yesterday…let’s go for a hike and work it out. Let’s sweat, release some endorphins and think about how we can learn and move on.” Exercise works for me every single time and I was taking the credit for figuring that out for myself, but you just made me realize that I do need to give my body some props too. Thank you, body, for working with my mind! I appreciate you!

  2. Molly! I love these posts. I’ve been blogging about them each day. Today’s tidbit:”I am constantly learning to trust my body and its intuition. When I had my eating disorder, I was in a place where my body was the enemy. I was certain, when I started recovery, that my body was out of control and couldn’t be trusted. One of the hardest parts of recovery was starting to eat enough again and trusting that my body would get used to the food without ballooning. Unfortunately, in gaining back recovery weight, I certainly had to deal with feeling like my body was out of control. After restricting and overexercising and essentially killing my metabolism (I ended up on thyroid medicine, waiting years to get my period back, etc.), my body bounced back in the opposite direction to make up for the time it spent so hungry and so tired. I’m learning now that the more I can trust it, the more it will just do what it needs to do. It’s balancing out, I’m starting to feel hunger and fullness cues more than ever before, and I’m even starting to trust my intuition when it comes to things like working out and which workout is “best” for me.

    • CM_Star says:

      This comment really resonates with me. I finished IOP for ED 2 months ago. It’s been a life-long struggle for me to love and accept my body, let alone trust it as intuitive. I’ve spent so many years not trusting my body and feeling like it failed me by being problematic in that it wasn’t thin or fit enough and when it was thin and fit it required 24-hr vigilance.

      This is the first day that I was truly stumped on the action step and it means that I am still learning to trust my body. I am not there yet. But each day I spend loving my body more, the closer I get. Thank you!

  3. Brier Frasier says:

    #LoveYourBodyChallenge Day 13- “My body is incredibly honest and intuitive, and for that reason, it deserves love and respect.” My body is like one big antenna. I can feel people’s intentions, I can connect with the divinity within them, I can tell if I should not trust them, I can tell if they are dangerous or afraid and respond in a way that is calming. Often, I can feel a “ringing true” when I am thinking or acting in alignment with what I feel is my highest self. Just as with any other antenna, I get a stronger and clearer signal the more I take care of myself, clear away static nutritionally and in my thinking, and tune in my energy with healthy activity and rest.

  4. Nancy Pinto says:

    This one hit home! December 2011: I felt a lump in my right breast. Deep down I knew it was trouble, but I convinced myself it was a muscle or something – anything! – else. I was in great health and great shape otherwise. Ha! I put off going to the doctor for 6 months. Sure enough, it turned out to be Stage 1 breast cancer. I underwent a bilateral mastectomy (I removed the healthy breast for peace of mind) and 6 rounds of chemo. I am fine now and so thankful I didn’t procrastinate longer. Never again will I ignore or deny another problem with my body. My body deserves more love and respect!

  5. Heather@YSP says:

    My body’s intuition has seen me through some of the best and worst of life’s moments. It knew when my first pregnancy couldn’t be saved, and it knew when my daughters life was in danger too. It knows so much more than I give it credit for. It’s time I start listening.

  6. Giselle says:

    Mantra: “My body is incredibly honest and intuitive, and for that reason, it deserves love and respect.”

    Must admit that I didn’t expect this reason, but I think it is genius!

    I’ve gotten to think that I’m crazy just for this one, but I do not think that anymore.
    My intuition has taken me mainly to think from just feeling like it was someone’s birthday and getting right (without ever knowing it), to walking at the right time to encounter someone that I was wanting to talk to, or even knowing when there’s a bad/good new.
    I think I was not conscious that this could be a reason to love my body, but indeed I love it for this one 🙂

    BTW Great challenge, I’m so loving it! n.n

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