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Yesterday was Day 8 of the Love Your Body Challenge, and the reason to love your body was,

“Because it can move.”

I discussed how grateful we should be for the movement we have, because it’s a privilege and we never know when we might lose it.  It sounds simple enough, but I think the kicker is when we picture what it would be like if we couldn’t move.  That’s what hit home for Dawn.  Here is her story:

“Visualizing not being able to move my body freely instantly made me cry.  I care for my 65 year old Mother who is paralyzed and wheelchair bound due to a stroke. I was so angry with her situation, but it only made me a bitter person.  I have learned to show her compassion and empathy and be grateful for my healthy state. I still get down at times, but I think about how she must feel and my anger disappears. I feel such a loss at times, but I know that I am a stronger person because of my experiences.”

I know that I’ve taken movement for granted in the past, and it’s definitely not something I take for granted anymore, and I hope you don’t either.

 And here we are with Day 9!

Reason #9 To Love Your Body

9. Because it’s awesome.

Yes, this reason sounds extremely vague, and possibly hard to connect with, but my good friend Nia Shanks was my inspiration for this.  Her entire philosophy revolves around “training to be awesome,” and hopefully once you read Nia’s story, you’ll see what I mean.

Ann Razonski Photog - Copy

Read her story here:

“There was a time when I chased the ever elusive “perfect” body. Lean, strong, curves in all the right places, and free from flaws and blemishes.However, over the recent years I’ve come to realize, thankfully, that trying to achieve a body that “they” say is perfect is a journey filled with disappoint, frustration, and at its worst, shame.Sure, there are parts about my body that “they” may call flaws, but I refuse to accept their opinion anymore.I love my body. Not just for how it looks, but for what it can do. I love my body because it allows me to do dang near anything I want. I love my body because it’s healthy. I love my body because it’s mine. And the only other person’s opinion that means anything when it comes to my body is my spouse’s.

So, “they” can set all of the standards they want and label me with “flaws” and “imperfections” all they want. I just choose not to listen to that noise.

This is why my goal with working out is to simply become even more awesome.

You can find out more about Nia and her “Train to be Awesome” philosophy by visiting her website. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.Keep in mind, awesome can be defined how you’d like.For some of you, it’s achieving a feat of strength like a 225 lb. squat or a weighted chin-up.  For others, it’s achieving a certain physique, like a figure or bikini athlete.  For others, it’s being completely free in your body to do whatever you’d like whenever you’d like whether it’s hike, bike, kayak, or base jump. For some, it’s as simple as feeling comfortable in their own skin.

Mantra:  “My body is awesome, and every day, with everything I do, I will treat it as such.”

Action step:  Define what “training to be awesome” means for you, and set a really specific goal that allows you to train to be awesome, and make sure that your current program aligns with that.

**If you have any questions about programs that can help you reach your goals, leave a comment on my Facebook page, and I’ll do my best to answer.


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2. Make sure you’ve filled out the 10 questions at the bottom of this page (DO THIS BEFORE DAY 1) so you have your “starting point.”
3. Say your mantra 10 times immediately, during your action step, and before bed.
4. Complete your action step.
5. Check in with your accountability partner if you have one.
6. Check back tomorrow for more.

OH!  3 more things —

1. PLEASE post about what you’re doing on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #LoveYourBodyChallenge or #LYBC.  This will allow you to connect with others doing the challenge, offer support and encouragement, and get ideas for your mantras and action steps.

2. PLEASE comment below and let us know what your mantra and your action steps are each day.  Again, this helps build support and community as well as offers ideas to those who might need them.

3. If you’re so inclined, feel free to send me pictures of your amazingly beautiful selves and I’ll post them in my Facebook album.  It’s essentially an album of pictures similar to what my fitness professional friends and I did on Day 1.  It’s a picture that you might normally not want to post, but you post it anyway along with a short blurb about your journey.  You can see the album here, and you can send pictures and your blurb to: 28DayLoveYourBodyChallenge@gmail.com It’s such a supportive community of women (and men) over there.  It’s awesome!

That’s all for now.

See you tomorrow!



14 Responses to Love Your Body Challenge – Day 9

  1. Bodynsoil says:

    Wow, Nia’s story speaks to me as well. I made an earlier comment much like this earlier, then read this post.. Amazing that as these posts roll out I’m seeing how much alike we all are with our struggles. As I read each post I yearn to repost them and share my thought process with each action step and the freedom each one seems to give me. It is as if the weight of a whole list of worries is being lifted one concern and negative thought at a time.. So glad for this journey..

  2. CJ says:

    This one…. This one that seemed so vague and simplistic. This one hit home for me more than any other so far. The second I started my mantra I began thinking of 85 reasons my body is NOT awe

  3. Jennifer says:

    Training to be awesome means learning to love my body exactly the way it is, flaws and all. I will continue to train by swimming, running, and lifting weights. And I will not punish my body when it doesn’t look the way I want it to after all that activity. I know that I’m treating it right, and all that matters is that.

    • die Frau says:

      Jennifer, I like the way you put that — mine was similar but I forgot to accept my awesome flaws…my scars, my imperfections… they’re a part of me, too. I’m all about treating my body right and doing what I can to make it strong and healthy but not trashing myself if I miss a day or don’t get the jiggle-free arms I secretly want. If they’re strong and can lift my son up for a few more years before he gets taller than I am, that’s enough for me.

  4. Renee says:

    Training to be awesome means constantly trying to improve how much I can lift, and never giving up in the face of an obstacle. I will not be negative or bash or punish myself for not reaching specific goals, but keep striving and working. That way, I cannot fail. I will work out with weights, running, and eating right. Keeping my body in tip-top shape and working to specific lifting goals is how I will get there. =)

  5. Joanne says:

    Training to be awesome means to get in a healthy mind set, to accept myself the way I am now. I will try to train harder by dong workouts I love everyday where I will try to be stronger, faster and smarter. I will be thankful for all my body can do and will do. I will give myself time to breathe and smile and say, ” Now that was truly awesome.” after, every workout.

  6. Melanie says:

    Training to be awesome means working my body in ways that make me feel GOOD. Right now, that would be strength training, yoga, cycling and running (though my running is more of a jog with some walk breaks thrown in). That also means, for the cycling and running/walking, to get out on the trails…it’s much more tranquil for me, and I walk away feeling AMAZING when I’m out in nature.

  7. Melanie says:

    This is, hands down, my favorite mantra so far. I must admit I have not been doing the bedtime mantra repetitions having often forgotten all about it by bedtime. However tonight? Tonight I will. This may be my personal mantra for quite awhile. My body IS awesome. 🙂

  8. Cathy says:

    Training to be awesome means maintaining a healthy mind body soul combo… It means accepting this body yet not becoming stagnate in working toward continued health and continued strength, both mentally and physically!

  9. Heather says:

    Loves all of you Love your curves and all your edges All your perfect imperfections. from John Legend – All of Me Lyrics
    This artist’s lyrics are so very powerful! Never before did I ever imagine my body being awesome, but it truly is, all my edges and perfect imperfections! Wow! Thanks for day 9.

  10. Kate says:

    I added an exclamation mark to Because it’s awesome!
    In fact, let’s add more than one.

    Because it’s awesome!!!!!!!

  11. Emily says:

    Molly, I was inspired by this challenge to create this video last night. 😉 I LOVE my body. 😉 It’s about time too.


  12. Giselle says:

    Mantra: “My body is awesome, and every day, with everything I do, I will treat it as such.”

    Training to be awesome:
    It means, to me, that whatever I do I will feel energized, relax, beautiful, healthy, strong & ready to take challenges on.
    The goal that I set to myself, that allows me to feel awesome is:
    to listen to my body!
    I’m pretty conscious about what I think about myself, when I force myself to go harder than I can, or when I’m not demanding as much as I could to myself.
    So my main goal is that: TO LISTEN TO MY BODY.
    The bottom line is that I really know it knows better than anybody else. I can read & get information, but, in order to apply it, I have to realize when it’s the best time that I can perform my best for that stage.

  13. Crystal says:

    Awesome to me means being able to do 10 handstand pushups against a wall, and hold an unsupported handstand for 10 seconds too. To achieve this I will continue to practice strength training, walking/jogging, feeding my body healthy foods (almost done with the Whole30 woot, woot if I do say so myself!). Most importantly though, I’ll achieve this by accepting my body for its own limits and respecting it by showing it unconditional love. This challenge has opened my eyes to how often I can give support to others, but very rarely tell myself one positive thing. Each new day has forced to me stand in the mirror and accept that I have a beautiful body and I should not worry that this skin hasn’t shrank to its original size, or that I don’t have curves in the right places. I have a strong body. I have a body that is rarely sick. I have a body that does what I want it to (most of the time anyway, or with a little training can achieve).

    The ironic thing after Day 8’s “loving for all the way my body moves” my body decided to lock up and not move today. You really do take for granted, even after repeating my mantra more than the 30 times of “now, during mantra and before bed.” I even stopped to do a tuck jump during my walk just because I can. But it didn’t sink in until today when my body said no to me. I have to respect that – I have to not only make it strong physically, but learn to let it relax and heal. Not continual training, but rest and recuperation are equally important to its success.

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